Ready to Transform?

HR Geckos™ automates key HR processes and connects HR systems, and our HR help desk helps you focus on what matters most - people.

How It Works

HR Geckos™ is a copilot for HR Operations!

Employees can request and receive HR services anytime, anywhere, and on any device through our smart HR service desk!

Automate admin busy work. Digitize and manage HR workflows.

Integrations with Slack, MS Teams, Skype for Business, Company Intranet, Whatsapp, and other internal communication channels available.

HR teams use HR Geckos to:

Save time and resources

Resolve repetitive HR requests automatically

Survey and engage employees

Empower employees with self-service

Automate HR workflows like onboarding and offboarding

Connect with employees through a smart chatbot

Improve transparency for employee actions

Focus on high-value tasks with data-driven insights

At HR Geckos, we transform your HR service delivery by transitioning from a paperwork to a peoplework mindset.

Our dynamic platform caters to businesses in a variety of stages, sizes, and industries.

Magnify the core of your business – your people!

You never know until you try. Start the 21-day free trial.

Our smart chatbot answers queries fast and accurately 90% of the time.

Instead of searching multiple sources of information or waiting for HR teams to respond, employees get centralized and instant access to all employment related information.

Automate admin busy work and manage HR workflows at the click of a button.