11 Critical Elements In Diagnosing Large Employee Turnover Numbers

It's no secret that employee turnover numbers are a watermark for how engaged employees are and how much they believe in the business they work for. High turnover is a sign of an unsatisfied workforce. A company with large turnover is likely to be affected by an ongoing issue that is negatively impacting hires. If they intend to bring new blood into the company and ensure it stays, human resources departments should make diagnosing this problem a priority. However, it's not nearly as simple as it first sounds. There are several unique elements affecting employee turnover numbers across an institution.

In this Forbes Human Resources Council article, Jay Polaki, HR Geckos' Founder and CEO, shares what are the critical elements in Diagnosing large employee turnover numbers.

Nothing is more telling of turnover than an organization's culture — the inclusiveness of employee networks. Do employees engage often and meaningfully on internal/external professional and social networks? Today, with most communication going digital, it is easier to identify micro issues in engagement and remedy quickly, sometimes instantaneously. Organizational network analysis (ONA) helps!

Learn more from Jay and her fellow Forbes Human Resources Council members on why each can impact the company's employee turnover.

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