10 Ways Companies Can Improve Their Intern Selection Process In 2020

Fall season usually comes with an influx of new interns seeking apprenticeships in their field of interest. The fall intern search and onboarding process is an established part of a company's culture by this point. However, the world has changed drastically in the space of a mere six months, as a result of the ongoing pandemic, meaning that the intern search, onboarding and placement processes may need to be reviewed. With so many new procedures in place, companies may need to revamp how they approach their process, as this fall's internships will look significantly different from the previous years.

In this Forbes Human Resources Council article, Jay Polaki, HR Geckos' Founder and CEO, shares how companies can improve their intern selection process in 2020.

Personalization is key to making internships a meaningful experience in the "next normal." Tailor onboarding by creating a whole suite of hybrid activities such as virtual social hours, onsite "buddy" groups to learn intentionally, and coaches to ensure they have the right tools to succeed. Always have a check-in plan that is clearly communicated to all parties to make the best of fall for all!

Learn more from Jay and her fellow Forbes Human Resources Council members on the actions businesses should take to ensure their internship process can deal with the new demands of the working environment.

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